Tuesday, May 31, 2016

From My Antique Patent Document Collection – Message From James Madison

I have an extensive collection of antique and significantly historic patent related books and papers. From time to time, I like to show these off.

At this time, I am showing a brief pamphlet, a message from President James Madison to Congress.


The message was dated 1816.


And as can be seen, the message was tabled and not further acted upon.

The text of the message is set out below:


For an easier read, I reproduce the text below.
With a view to the more convenient management of the important and growing business connected with the grant of exclusive rights to inventors and authors, I recommend the establishment of a distinct office, within the department of state, to be charged therewith, under a director with a salary adequate to his services, and with the privilege of franking communications by mail to the office. I recommend also, that further restraints be imposed on the issue of patents to wrongful claimants, and further guards provided against fraudulent exactions of fees by persons possessed of patents.

Let me know if you would like to see any of my other historical materials.

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