Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Solving the Problem of the Skanky Open Dog Food Can

by Steve Reiss of www.reisspatents.com.

I hate everything about canned dog food; from opening the can, to spooning it out, to its horrendous smell. So it was fantastic that today I had the pleasure to feed Miss Josie.

I guess I am not the only one that hates the can, because on November 17, 1987, Mr. Michael C. Ryan received US Patent No. 4,706,849 for "Device for dispensing a pet food from a sealed can container therefor."

In the patent, Mr. Ryan says:
In a feeding operation, one end of the can is opened and the pet food removed by a spoon or the like for placement into a feeding dish. Since pet foods tend to have an objectionable odor and a tendency to cling to the spoon and inner wall of the can, storage of the open can and spoon creates odor problems. Additionally, when only a portion of the material in the can is fed, the feeding of following portions is not only messy and inconvenient but care must be exercised to avoid injury from sharp surfaces that may be at the open end of the can. These disadvantages in the feeding of animal pets are substantially avoided by the dispensing device of this invention.

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